Voucher Inventory Management

The key to successful Voucher Inventory Management is the ability to integrate with the Telco’s Voucher System, Manufacturers and Dealers to ensure the Vouchers’ state conforms to Organisational Policy intended to mitigate financial risk while vouchers are in transit, held in inventory and ensuring they are redeemable when out in the market.

Our vouchers management tool comprises but is not limited to the following aspects:

  • Automated generation both physical and virtual
  • Secure storage distribution and management
  • Supplier and IN file generation and encryption
  • Automated stock management
  • Complete traceability


  • Automated ERP order integration
  • 3rd party order integration
  • Bulk pin services
  • Single pin on demand services
  • Pinless top-up services


Order Management

The LifeCX Order Management module is designed to provide end-to-end Order lifecycle management which drives the order fulfillment process of any business including integration with Operator BSS/OSS Systems. The open, workflow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfillment processes without customization.

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Inventory Management

Serialized inventory management incorporates the lifecycle management of inventory at discrete item level. The entire lifecycle of an inventory item is tracked through their serial number.

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