Telco Expertise

24-7 Always on Platforms

We understand that our customers run businesses which do not sleep, and our platforms and solutions are engineered to meet these requirements. Several of our platforms have up-times which exceed 4+ years.

Managed Services

Itemate client’s have outsourced management functions and responsibilities to Itemate which is a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses..

Fanatical FTS Support

Our Support works on a Follow The Sun (FTS) principle, while South Africa is awake Sydney sleeps and visa versa. Our 3 tiers of support engineers are highly experienced and trained to assist our clients, and we are often the first to report trends to our clients.

Fraud Prevention

One of the main aspects with regard to Itemate’s products and solutions is the prevention of Fraud. As Itemate’s solution are fully integrated into the client’s current BSS and OSS systems human error and intervention is eliminated which in turn prevents fraud from occurring.