Retail Management

Our retail management solution is designed and customised to a client’s needs. In essence it is designed to ensure that the customer experience with in all retail outlets is one to be remembered. The solution provides for full stock control point of sale whilst providing dynamic provisioning according to the clients needs.

Our POS3 product provides the Mobile Network Operator with a complete product life-cycle management solution. This is a powerful fully integrated business and operational tool which allows the network complete control and overview of all products within the network and warehousing/distribution channels. The product is a customisable plug and play solution based around the business rules of the client. The system ensures that all processes, procedures, controls and reports are implemented, secure and adhered to.


Order Management

The LifeCX Order Management module is designed to provide end-to-end Order lifecycle management which drives the order fulfillment process of any business including integration with Operator BSS/OSS Systems. The open, workflow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfillment processes without customization.

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Inventory Management

Serialized inventory management incorporates the lifecycle management of inventory at discrete item level. The entire lifecycle of an inventory item is tracked through their serial number.

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