Network Number Inventory Management

Network Number Inventory Management™ (NNIM) is a scalable and fully automated system that enables operators to reliably and efficiently manage the Lifecycle and associated Masterdata of their SIMS and Number Assets.

Ensure LifeCycle Compliance with LifeCycle State Control

Clear Single View of where each SIM or MSISDN Asset is in the LifeCycle Chain

Automated and Integrated LifeCycle Change Management

Key functional areas include:

  • Number Inventory and Master Data Management
  • Number Asset Recycling
  • SIM Master Data Management
  • Supply Chain Process Support
  • Number Segmentation, Search, Reservation Management
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning on Network Elements (Domains)


Voucher Inventory Management

The key to successful Voucher Inventory Management is the ability to integrate with the Telco’s Voucher System, Manufacturers and Dealers to ensure the Vouchers’ state conforms to Organisational Policy intended to mitigate financial risk while vouchers are in transit, held in inventory and ensuring they are redeemable when out in the market.

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Inventory Management

Serialized inventory management incorporates the lifecycle management of inventory at discrete item level. The entire lifecycle of an inventory item is tracked through their serial number.

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