Itemate solutions is a technology company born out of the telecoms industry. We provide products and solutions to our clients that lead to enhanced customer experiences, full management control and the elimination of fraud and theft whilst reducing costs.

Our Mission

In a constant proactive exchange with our customers, we design solutions supporting them in improving in-store experience and sales efficiency.We help them reduce operational costs and build a stronger business by:


  • Enabling smooth retail processes
  • Improving customer-staff interaction/increasing service quality in retail stores
  • Synchronizing sales channels (own shops, franchise stores, digital channels)
  • Optimizing cross-channel goods fulfillment and order management processes
  • Offering transparent reverse logistics and repair processes
  • Providing in-store facts for real-time retail analytics

Our Responsibility

There is one major goal in our daily business routine: Finding the perfect balance between economic success, social responsibility and the preservation of the environment. At Itemate, we take responsibility and aim at developing our products in a future-oriented way in order to use resources in an efficient and sustainable way. To achieve this goal, we support our employees wherever we can.


Our Careers

We are always happy to welcome new and ambitious colleagues at Itemate Solutions. Especially dedicated retail consultants, adventurous project managers and trainers, committed quality managers, software engineers and mobile developers with great ideas and a clear vision.

If you think you have what it takes, feel free to download & complete our developer’s test & once done. email it back to us